During 12 years of explosive growth, Summer Industries has dramatically expanded manufacturing capabilities to serve nearly every end use…Paper, Film, Flexible Packaging, Textiles, Tapes and Labels, Graphic Media, Strapping, Roofing, and Reels, Shipping and Mailing, as well as Paperboard Containers and Closures.

Paper Mill Cores – We have achieved over 300% segment growth through core design innovations that set new industry standards for shear and torque performance.

Textile Cores – Summer developed proprietary 4 color printing for infinite product identification options, and optimized cost and core strength, reducing material content by more than 25%.

Graphic Media Cores – Summer founded CorenetSM to serve the country’s leading convertor of reprographic media, meeting the most exacting tolerances on a national scale.

Tape & Label Cores – World class tolerances, high productivity, without fail scrap ring detection. 4-color in-house liner printing, and 24 hour emergency response.

FILM, FOIL, FLEXIBLE PACKAGING CORES – High strength core designs, specific to each film application, with the tightest dimensional tolerances are the keys for top performing extruders and processors of packaging films. So, every Summer Industries plant is stocked with an identical array of world class paperboard options, along with the latest core drying technologies.

Reel & Strapping Cores – Summer’s ‘Never Say No’ service commitment, including stocking programs enabling next day deliveries, along with cores that perform exactly as expected, every time.

Roofing Cores – Recent testing confirms Summer’s core designs achieve stacking strengths exceeding competitors by over 50%.

Shipping & Mailing Tubes – Summer offers custom labeled mailing and logo printed shipping tubes, delivering damage-free products and brand identity for customers around the world.

Specialty Paperboard Containers, Closures – An emerging leader in the paperboard container segment, Summer offers high graphic convolutely wound labels, plastic shaker tops, seamed metal bottoms, and food grade coated metal ends in aluminum and steel.